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Does SERVPRO Provide Flood Damage Repairs in Reading

6/17/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged ceiling; structural part removed exposing pipes Storm damaged shingles can cause water to enter your home. SERVPRO is always standing by to dry your residence.

SERVPRO Offers Emergency Services Water Damage Repairs in Reading

A flood caused by storms can have disastrous effects in Reading. Floodwaters entering a home can cause a lot of damage with many different factors at play. There is obvious damage from the water entering your home and soaking everything it touches. There is also the possibility of bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and other biohazards carried into the building by the floodwaters. There may also be wind damage to the roof, broken windows, and doors.

SERVPRO offers flood damage cleanup in Reading along with emergency services water damage repairs. We provide emergency board-up service and roof coverage to protect your home from further damage. We respond to your call in less than 4 hours, 24/7. We offer water extraction, disinfection, and cleanup to our customers. However, one of the essential criteria of recovery is drying contents and structure.

We consider the effects of moisture on various materials, temperature levels, relative humidity, and air movement to dry your home effectively. We measure the relative humidity of the environment and your contents and walls to ensure everything is dried. The configuration of your home and the damage to your home determines whether we use open drying or closed drying systems.

SERVPRO offers storm damage services that include:

  • Repairs to a leaking roof from storms
  • Water removal services
  • Water damage restoration

Call SERVPRO of Reading for flood damage in Reading and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (610) 779-8189.

Call Our Team When Your Home in Kutztown Experiences Fire Damage

6/3/2021 (Permalink)

smoke and flames under door, carpet Smoke and Odor problems in your Kutztown home? No worries, call SERVPRO for full house fire cleanup and great indoor air quality

Smoke Odor and Residue Removal in Fire Damaged Kutztown Home

Disasters that affect your Kutztown home leave considerable damages for a homeowner to face. Situations like a fire can spread quickly throughout the property and affect many areas and materials simultaneously. While structural concerns are a priority once our technicians get called out to the scene of a recently extinguished fire, other health hazards and focal points must also get addressed, like the effects from the smoke.

When fire and smoke damage your Kutztown home, many homeowners tend to picture the billowy cloud that can leave a distinguishable odor behind throughout their property. In truth, smoke damages can do much more than leaving a harsh smell throughout your home, and knowing how to address all of the effects from the presence of smoke is one of the training elements to our SERVPRO restoration certifications from the IICRC. We can even explain the effects from phantosmia.

Even if your home was never on fire, a neighboring property could force your home to get overrun with the effects from the smoke as the structure fire rages next door. Depending on the heat from that fire and the materials burning, smoke damage can occur in different ways. Dry smoke occurs in oxygen-rich environments, leaving dusting and light sediment on surfaces that often leads to easier cleaning for our professionals on-site.

On the other hand, Wet smoke is the opposite and can leave a thick residue on surfaces, which is a challenge for our SERVPRO team to overcome. Since this smoke is thicker, the smell can become more substantial, and it has more of an opportunity to exploit cracks and seep into materials. The technicians contending with this variety of smoke damage often determine that removing the material entirely and reinstalling new components is more cost-effective and faster for the customer than salvaging the damaged area.

Smoke removal for your home often extends far beyond contending with the odor this effect can leave behind. Give our SERVPRO of Reading fire damage restoration team a call whenever disaster strikes at (610) 779-8189.

Don't Wait, Call SERVPRO Right Away After Flood Damage In Reading

5/27/2021 (Permalink)

money flying from a box SERVPRO saves our customers in Reading Money when we use our CCIS system and pack-out service for possession preservation

Pack-Out Prepares You for a Successful Flood Damage Restoration in Reading

Weather-related overland flooding or internal flooding from appliance failure or sewer backup in your Reading home defines chaos. You and your family feel high levels of stress as you watch the water rise. In addition to the damage excess water does to the structure of your home, furnishings, household goods, and personal possessions all suffer. One strategy to bring order to the mess flooding causes is a pack-out by our trained technicians.

Water removal and structural drying in Reading after flood damage progresses more quickly if we complete a pack-out. Eliminating the need to move large furnishings repeatedly and to attempt to get other items out of the way increases the time it takes to manage the moisture soaked into building materials and fixtures. We can more thoroughly evaluate the damage done to the articles packed out and devise focused plans to clean and dry them appropriately when we can control the environment.

SERVPRO uses our Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) to create and manage the inventory of articles we move out of a flood-damaged space. Detailed lists, digital pictures, and a barcoding application ensure all your property is accounted for and secured. We track assessments, restoration strategies, and results, perfect for insurance documentation purposes.

We consider and employ a broad range of cleaning and drying protocols to restore items you might otherwise discard. Our production technicians are skilled, and our equipment and processes top-notch. SERVPRO has a restoration vision for each project, saving money, time, and memories as we bring badly damaged possessions back to preloss condition. When flood insurance is not enough--there is SERVPRO.

A pack-out allows the SERVPRO technicians at your home the freedom to concentrate on water removal and extraction. Without the added moisture load of soaked possessions in the flooded spaces, our efforts to complete structural drying proceed more efficiently. Transfer of dyes and soiling from wet movable objects to floors and other building materials is reduced dramatically in a pack-out. When we return the restored articles to your cleaned and dried home, you and your family regain both comfort and peace of mind.

SERVPRO of Reading has the technicians, training, systems, and equipment to restore your home and possessions after flood damage. Waste no time and call us at (610) 779-8189 immediately after the floodwaters intrude.

Is a Pack-Out Necessary After Water Damage to Your Reading Property?

5/20/2021 (Permalink)

stacked empty cartons and boxes SERVPRO can provide your Reading water damaged home with a Pack-Out service to protect your belongings and to expedite the water damage cleanup

Trust SERVPRO with Water Damage Restoration of Your Reading Home

Water damage at your Reading home can be due to many reasons such as burst pipes, ceiling leaks, basement flooding, or even sewer backup. While SERVPRO techs can handle minor water damage without much hassle to the homeowners, a move-out might be necessary if the damage is extensive.

A pack-out after water damage to your Reading property involves moving the contents of your home to a remote location, typically our warehouse. SERVPRO technicians take utmost care during this process to avoid any secondary damage. Moving the content can significantly speed up the water damage remediation process at your Reading home.

When is a Move-out Necessary During Water Damage Repairs at Reading?

A pack-out can be a stressful process for the homeowner, but in some cases, it is the best option. Here are a few such cases-

  • If the water issue is due to structural damage to your home that needs to be repaired, a move-out can hasten the remodeling process. The sooner it begins, the sooner you can come back.
  • If you have expensive belongings in the house that are sensitive to secondary water or mold damage, SERVPRO professionals might suggest a pack-out. Expensive paintings or antique furniture can be protected better if they are removed to a curator for restoration or to our facility.
  • If the water damage is due to extensive flooding and the water contains contamination, moving out may be the best option to protect both the residents and the contents

SERVPRO technicians work with you and explain the risk-benefit aspect of a pack-out so that you can make an informed decision.

Call SERVPRO of Reading at (610) 779-8189 we are here to help you 24/7.

Can SERVPRO Provide Fire Damage Restoration to Commercial Buildings in Reading?

5/3/2021 (Permalink)

air scrubber porting air to exterior Air scrubbers can port pungent fire and water odors to the exterior by skilled SERVPRO technicians-improving the indoor air quality for a Reading home

Commercial Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Cleanup in Reading

Many fires produce a great deal of smoke which seems to diffuse into every nook and cranny of your building and expose the products and materials stored inside to smoke odors and residue. Everything is cleaned, burned materials are removed, and the entire building is deodorized, this is our goal.

SERVPRO provides all of these services, including fire damage restoration after a fire to Reading area commercial business customers. Our fire damage restoration technicians assess the damage, the distribution of smoke residues, and the residue type to ensure that everything can be cleaned and deodorized. We respond in less than 4 hours, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We use a variety of products to deodorize your building and the contents, including:

  • Odor Counteracting Beads
  • Deodorant Granules or Pellets
  • Water-based odor counteractants
  • Water-based Wet Mist Deodorizers
  • Solvent Based Thermal Fog Deodorizers and
  • Mechanical means using HEPA filter air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators
  • Sealers

SERVPRO works closely with your building manager. We explain all of the steps needed to restore your building after a fire, and we aim to get you back in operation as soon as possible. We understand that even though you may not be the owner of the structure, your shop within it, contains your business. We work hard to protect your inventory and get your doors reopened, “Like it never even happened.”

Call SERVPRO of Reading for fire damage services in Reading and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. (610) 779-8189

SERVPRO Can Offer Water Damage Remediation in Kutztown

4/26/2021 (Permalink)

AXIAL FAN DURING demolition SERVPRO deploys advanced equipment like axial fans during the drying stage of water damage restoration services in Kutztown

Homeowners in Kutztown Can Count on SERVPRO for Emergency Services Water Damage Repair

If your property sustains water damage from leaks or flooding, SERVPRO has the knowledge and expertise to restore your residence. Our years of experience allow us to make all of the necessary repairs that result from any size disaster or water spill.  

Water damage to your Kutztown home can pose threats in a short period.  With advanced equipment for efficient extraction and drying, our team can arrive quickly and get right to work on the mitigation that can save you money and protect affected structural elements from oversaturation.

Equipment and Know-How Matter

We have a large inventory of products, tools, and equipment to remove this water from your home and prevent ongoing damage. Among this gear are air movers, dehumidifiers, axial fans, and portable extractors. Our SERVPRO response team can make water damaging incidents “Like it never even happened.”

A marked difference using the proper equipment is made to reduce claims.  Our expert techs are familiar with all of the aspects of water removal caused by

  • . Burst Pipes 
  • . Ceiling Leaks 
  • . Flooded Basements

SERVPRO of Reading can assist our neighbors in the event of a water emergency. Our response team is available 24/7 to help. You can contact us at (610) 779-8189.

Does SERVPRO Provide Emergency Services for Flood Damage in Reading?

4/20/2021 (Permalink)

drying equipment, basement, fireplace For fast emergency water removal and storm damage restoration in Reading--Call SERVPRO.

In Reading, SERVPRO Provides Flood Damage Cleanup and Restoration

With an approximate population of 90,000 people, Reading is the fifth-largest city in PA. The greater Reading area is home to over 400,000 people. Reading is named after the famous Reading Railroad and nicknamed the Pretzel City due to numerous bakeries offering all types of pretzels. There are over 125 miles of cycling trails in the area, and it is also well known for mountain cycling.

The town of Reading was established in 1748 and settled by immigrants from Germany. With a large population in the greater Reading Metro area and nearby large cities such as Philadelphia and New York, there are many attractions in the area and nearby for residents and visitors. A few of the popular attractions in the area are:

  • Reading Fighting Phils, FirstEnergy Stadium
  • Pagoda
  • Stonecliffe Recreation Area
  • Reading Public Museum
  • Reading Terminal Market
  • Fairgrounds Farmers Market
  • Shillington Park
  • Cacoosing Meadows Recreation Area
  • Mid Atlantic Air Museum
  • GoggleWorks Center for the Arts
  • Santander Performing Arts Center
  • Berks County Heritage Center


The Pagoda in Reading is located on Duryea Dr. at the top of Mount Penn. It has graced the area for over 100 years. It is a seven-story Japanese pagoda providing sweeping views of Reading from the top of the pagoda. There is also a café on the site. Check for current health guidelines and times for visits.

Fairgrounds Farmers Market

The Fairgrounds Farmers Market is located on 5th Street Highway in Reading, PA., and is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The market offers everything from haircuts, seafood, coffee and tea, candy, baked goods, meats and vegetables, and foods from around the world. Many people plan their visit to the market to do some shopping and dine while at the market.

Reading Terminal Market

The Reading Terminal Market has been operating since 1893, open seven days a week, and considered a National Historic Landmark. Shoppers can enjoy local produce, local meats, and also seafood. There are also cookbooks, linens, kitchenware, flowers, and much more. The Reading Terminal Market is located in nearby Philadelphia on North12th street.

Cacoosing Meadows Recreation Area

The Cacoosing Meadows Recreation Area is a 55-acre park for the community offering playgrounds, walking trails along the creek, baseball and softball sports fields, and soccer fields. There is ample parking and portable restrooms available. There are gas grills, kitchen facilities with a stove and oven available for visitor use.

Staying Safe After Flood Damage from Storms in Reading

While you survived the storm and the high winds, you now have to endure many potential hazards left behind. These safety hazards range from downed power lines to infectious contamination carried by the floodwater into your home and on your property.

Let SERVPRO help you with storm damage cleanup and restoration of your home or business in Reading. We have well-equipped trucks and staff, ready to respond to every emergency. We are equipped with:

  • PPE, personal protective equipment
  • Electric generators,
  • Pumps, trash and self-powered
  • Drying equipment,
  • EPA-approved Cleaning and disinfectant products, and

Everything that may be needed to provide emergency repairs and begin restoring your property. Let us help you to keep your family safe after a storm.

Call SERVPRO of Reading for flood damage services in Reading and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (610) 779-8189

Is Wall Damage Repairable after Fire in Reading?

4/1/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged room with debris and soot everywhere Is it the fire or the smoke that damaged more in your home? Team SERVPRO can help with any fire damage issues.

SERVPRO of Reading Has Local Fire Damage Restoration Professionals for your Home

Hot air rises. In a property fire, hot smoke can travel rapidly through the home, leaving behind smoke residues on upper walls and ceilings. The surfaces may show signs of blackening or emanate unpleasant burning odors after a fire. It is prudent to enlist an experienced restoration technician to clean or restore your home after a house fire. 

Pre-testing is a vital work process to carry out during fire damage restoration in your Reading home. Walls and ceilings can present a variety of surfaces that may respond differently to cleaning procedures. These surfaces could be painted, paneled, tiled, or textured. Each surface has its properties that must be tested before introducing cleaning products.

  • A dry cleaning sponge is an effective tool for removing dry soots with minimal risk of causing damage to the surface.
  • Wet cleaning with detergents is recommended for some paintworks as well as metal and wood surfaces.
  • Peroxide active cleaning is primarily reserved for synthetic materials like acoustical tiles, which may break apart or absorb wet cleaning products.

Qualified technicians are available to assist with restoration. Contact SERVPRO of Reading for fire damage restoration at (610) 779-8189 now.

Can Water Exposure Affect Some Parts of the Home Worse than Others?

3/26/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO appliances working in a house Is your home facing problems dealing with excess water? Call our SERVPRO team for water removal and remediation.

SERVPRO of Reading Can Assess your Property and Mitigate Loss after Water Intrusion

Materials can react differently when exposed to moisture. Gypsum board, for example, is a wood composite that may break apart when water is present. On the other hand, lumber floorboards may absorb water, causing warping, cupping, or buckling. Two critical factors in the amount of harm materials sustain are permeance and exposure time.

Acting fast to limit water damage in your Reading home can reduce damages by limiting exposure time. Quick responses may involve extracting water with a pump or extraction unit. Adjusting temperature and applying refrigerant dehumidification to the home can also reduce exposure times by evaporating moisture at a faster rate.

  • Low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers can be beneficial in restoring semi-permanent materials like hardwoods. 
  • Moisture is measured by grain per pound (GPP). Reducing air moisture to below 40GPP can significantly advance the drying process.
  • Accessing restrictive spaces and applying ventilation through air-movers can dry cavities in the property and significantly reduce damage caused by exposure. 

Limit losses by reducing water exposure. Contact SERVPRO of Reading for water damage help at (610) 779-8189.

Is it Too Late to Prevent Mold Growing?

3/21/2021 (Permalink)

mold growing in the corner of a room Found mold? Team SERVPRO will search for the cause and remediate the damage. Standing by 365 days a year for your call.

SERVPRO Can Remove Mold-Infested Materials from your Kutztown Home and Reduce Microbial Growth

Kutztown is a small borough in the State of Pennsylvania. The borough is situated between Reading and Allentown, with a population of just 5,012 people. Kutztown is one of the most historically interesting with its eighteenth-century churches, some of them among the oldest Pennsylvania State structures. The initial town grew out of a large land purchase by George Kutz in 1755, from where the borough derives its name. The 130 acres of land were again purchased in 1785 before the borough finally became incorporated within the United States in 1815. 

Kutztown's architecturally significant landmarks include H.K. Deisher Knitting Mill, built in 1881 and dedicated to mass-producing cotton garments. The Kutztown 1892 Public School is also on the register of historic places as a shining example of Fin-de-siecle Victorian architecture. The borough hosts an annual folk festival each year that is attended by residents and those residing in nearby Allentown. The tradition began in 1950 and celebrated the town founders' culture, artwork, and food. Combining both Dutch and German tradition, the event, which takes place every July at Whiteoak Street, is highly-anticipated throughout the summer.

  • The Crystal Cave is a stunning natural museum with unique rock formations and has had tours running since its discovery in 1871. Situated on Crystal Cave Road, treks through the subterranean passages last around one hour while the surrounding grounds span 150 acres. The attraction also has a museum, gift shop, cafe, and ice cream parlor open seasonally.
  • Pinnacle Ridge Winery is a highlight of Kutztown that opens to the public for tasting sessions, tours, and grape picking seasons. The tasting rooms are large enough for group events, while live music frequently occurs during the summer months. Special events are available for members of the winery.
  • Renningers Antiques & Farmers Market on Noble Street is a rare experience combining a collection of vendors selling antiques with baked goods, farm produce, and cafe. Visitors are recommended to attend early before the best antiques are gone from the outdoor flea market. During the summer months, Renningers has some excellent food stands.

SERVPRO Can Reduce the Impact of Mold in your Kutztown Home

Discovering mold in your property can be frustrating. Porous and semi-porous items can become infested by mold growth and require replacing to avoid cross-contamination with nearby materials. SERVPRO technicians understand how mold builds through a home environment and can use that knowledge to stem the tide of microbial growth. Using industry-leading equipment, we can return your property to a preloss condition. 

  • Mold thrives in moist conditions. Using advanced structural cavity drying equipment, we can correct the moisture problem in your home.
  • Antimicrobial chemicals are specifically designed to target fungi and prevent them from building up through their growth stages. 
  • Our deodorization procedures are comprehensive and can often improve the indoor air quality within your home. 

Avoid long-term microbial growth issues. Contact SERVPRO of Reading for mold damage remediation at (610) 779-8189.