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Got A Mold Infestation? Let Our Team Help Restore Your Home In Reading!

2/12/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Got A Mold Infestation? Let Our Team Help Restore Your Home In Reading! If you suspect there may be active, growing mold in your home, call us today at (610) 779-8189 to schedule one of our inspectors.

Mold Cleanup And Disposal Actions In Reading

Homeowners in Reading, especially those living along the banks of the Schuylkill River, have a healthy respect for what flooding can do to their residences. What many do not realize is their home can also see a mold infestation begin if it is not dried thoroughly after removing the water.

Mold cleanup in Reading homes and other communities after an infestation is not a simple process, but SERVPRO takes every step we can to preserve property and return every item possible to the owner promptly. Our restoration teams need to eliminate the source of moisture that allowed the mold to grow, clean and eliminate the threat of mold spores to property, and remove items too infested for restoration.

Water missed after removal is usually a small amount in an out-of-the-way location such as behind a wall or underneath a washing machine or cabinet inside the garage or laundry room. One of our inspectors uses an air content meter to measure mold spore levels and follow the highest concentration to the source of the infestation. This location is most often the moisture source as well.

SERVPRO technicians can quickly dry the pool or puddle using a commercial water vacuum, sponges, or cloths. They can also perform minor repairs if there is a leaky pipe or a seep in an outer wall that is letting in water from outside the home. Eliminating the moisture source stops growth completely, eventually forcing the spores back to an inert state.

Next, team members spray all visible mold with an anti-fungal agent. That kills active spores and prevents further growth, eliminating the further threat to the home. Now, they begin removing inert spores from affected items. In most cases, that means using sponges with a mild cleaner to wipe down the surfaces.

If active spores had time to grow into a property item like drywall panels, technicians carefully remove them, break them down if needed, bag them to prevent contaminating other areas of the home, and then dispose of them according to state and federal regulations.

Our end task at SERVPRO of Reading is to eliminate active mold spores in area homes and return them safe for reoccupation to the owner as quickly as we can safely do so. If you suspect there may be active, growing mold in your home, call us today at (610) 779-8189 to schedule one of our inspectors. We are here for you.

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You Need Our Help When Your Reading Home Is Taken Over By A Mold Infestation

2/6/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation You Need Our Help When Your Reading Home Is Taken Over By A Mold Infestation If you notice mold on more than one item in your home, call SERVPRO of Reading at (610) 779-8189 seven days a week.

Reading's Mold Clean Out Technicians Describe A Scenario Where Multiple Objects Get Contaminated

Excessive humidity levels or a water leak that goes unnoticed inside your Reading home can both cause microbes that naturally exist to activate. Once a fungus forms, it is wise to call in a professional mold clean out firm such as SERVPRO before it spreads to other areas. Fungi need the right temperature, an organic food source, moisture and time before the microbes start developing structures called hyphae. These hyphae can grow rapidly and can expand in all three directions. Once they develop the structures start releasing seed-like spores into the air that flow around until they find a place to settle. During any mold clean out project our technicians take special care to keep spores from spreading and negatively affecting other areas of your home.

However, sometimes the contamination can spread quickly and affect multiple objects inside your house. If several items inside a building stay wet for too long, the mold clean out project in Reading could take several steps and is best tackled by restoration professionals like our SERVPRO technicians. For example, if a slow leak develops from a window, the moisture could cause contamination to develop on your drywall, the studs behind your walls, your carpets, any furniture you have in the area, or all of the above. Once a fungus forms on one organic substance on your home the spores can get onto other wet materials and form more hyphae structures. In these situations, the contamination must get removed before the fungi spread to other areas.

The first step our SERVPRO technicians takes when removing contaminated materials is to build a plastic barrier that seals any loose particles or dust created during the removal process. Once a containment chamber is set up, we remove any materials that got ruined and cannot be saved by disposing of them in sealed plastic bags. Next, we scrape off any contamination we find wooden materials or other items we think we can save.

If you notice mold on more than one item in your home, call SERVPRO of Reading at (610) 779-8189 seven days a week.

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You Need Our Help When Your Hamburg Bathroom Experiences A Water Damage Emergency

1/29/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage You Need Our Help When Your Hamburg Bathroom Experiences A Water Damage Emergency Once you see an issue, get in touch with us right away at (610) 779-8189, so we can prevent more damage from occurring.

Water Damage Restoration For Your Bathroom In Hamburg

Your Hamburg home can experience water damage from several different sources, many of which you wouldn’t expect. Many times, water can rise from a basement that is flooded or come from a leaky ceiling. Many people do not understand that ware damage can come from inside their walls. If you are unsure of where the water is coming from, it could be the result of your bathroom habits.

Realizing there is water damage in your Hamburg bathroom is not a happy event. It is even worse when you have no idea what is causing the leak. You need the professional help of SERVPRO staff, as we are trained to find hidden water and moisture. We take the time to correct the issue and then dry the affected area to prevent additional damage.

Because it is a process which happens over time, most people do not realize water damage is taking place from their habits in the shower. It is much more convenient to fix your morning routine than it is to have to fix the problems from water damage. However, if you do have an issue, SERVPRO techs use special moisture meters to find where the water is coming from, and we can correct the problem.

Various reasons can cause water to leak out of the shower. Many times, bathrooms which use shower curtains instead of a door let water escape and drip down to the floor. You can fix this by taking the time to shift the bar which holds the curtain further into the shower. You should also make sure that the curtain is pressed up against the wall when you start the water to ensure no water leaves the shower.

When the water is too hot, or your showers are too long, water damage can occur. When the water is too hot, the condensation and steam build up along the walls, causing water to collect and then drip down to the floor or seep into floorboards. Moisture also collects on the walls and lets mold grow, creating more damage.

If you are aware of your shower habits and you do not see water leaving the shower, and there is no steam collecting on the walls, you could have a leak inside the wall. If the pipes are jolted loose or not tight enough, water can stream out each time they are in use.

No matter the reason, SERVPRO of Reading of can find where your bathroom leak is coming from in your home in Kutztown, Boyertown, or Exeter. Once you see an issue, get in touch with us right away at (610) 779-8189, so we can prevent more damage from occurring.

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Do Not Panic Our Team Can Restore Your Flood Damaged Home In Reading To Pre-Damage

1/19/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Do Not Panic Our Team Can Restore Your Flood Damaged Home In Reading To Pre-Damage We are here for you!

Restoring Flood Damage Effects In Reading Homes

When flood water rises faster than natural barriers or storm drains can stop it, Reading homes often suffer an incredible amount of damage to their furniture. The standing water stains furniture fabrics warps wood and ruins furniture finishes like varnish and stain.

Completely restoring Reading homes after flood damage means understanding how it happens, and what steps are needed to put it back together. In each home, SERVPRO restoration teams first raise furniture and other property onto pallets or other stands while removing the standing water from the home. This action lets soaked items begin to drain excess water and dry in the open air. Common issues include the following:

Color bleeding happens when fabrics absorb too much flood water. Curtains, drapes, and items like armrest cover sag or fall to the floor, allowing the color to stain wooden floorboards or carpets. Our technicians lift the property out of the water and then use a combination of air movers and dehumidifiers to force warm air over the surfaces and draw moisture from the property and surrounding air to dry them as quickly as possible.

Mildew growth occurs when the owner does not bring a professional agency like SERVPRO to remove standing water immediately. The first sign of mildew is a thin, white layer of fungus that grows across soaked wood. To stop further growth, our technicians use the same air movers and dehumidifiers to remove moisture and then apply an anti-fungal cleaner from our inventory on surfaces already showing mildew.

Swelling in wood furniture is a typical reaction to absorbing flood water. The framing in sofas and upholstered chairs can crack, and the joints weaken and separate. If the glue holding the frame together is exposed, it becomes thinner and quickly loses strength. If the swelling is minor and the glue has not thinned too much, team members can reduce and eliminate most of the damage by installing one or more dehumidifiers around the affected items. The devices remove not just the moisture from the wood and surrounding air; they also harden the glue to increase the structural integrity of the frame.

Water spotting happens when the flood water splashes a surface like a sofa cushion but does not cover it. To eliminate spotting, technicians wet the entire surface and then evenly dry it with air movers and fans to increase air circulation.

At SERVPRO of Reading, our goal is to return every home to its pre-flood condition. If your home is flooded or was recent, call our office today at (610) 779-8189 to schedule a service visit. We are here for you.

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Why a Mold Infestation in Your Reading Home is Always Much More Than a Surface Covering

1/6/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Why a Mold Infestation in Your Reading Home is Always Much More Than a Surface Covering Finding a patch of mold in your home can cause some alarm. Luckily, team SERVPRO is certified in remediating mold damage. Call immediately.

How to Handle Mold Damage in Reading Effectively

Mold infestations in Reading properties can happen for many reasons although in every case there is an underlying moisture issue. Common reasons why such infestations occur include flooding incidents and leakage in plumbing systems. Other causes may not be typical, but they can lead to constant growth. For example, higher than normal relative humidity levels in the house can lead to growth. Such spikes in relative humidity can occur from regular activities such as cooking and showering. Our IICRC certified Applied Mold Remediation Technicians handle mold removal effectively in all cases.
Like many other problems, dealing with mold damage in Reading early, helps ease the process and limit the damages it causes to the structure. Since mold infestations are more common in hidden spaces such as wall cavities and crawl spaces, it is not always possible to notice the problem early enough. Knowing the early signs of microbial growth can help. These include a musty smell and allergic reactions such as constant sneezing for some people. Lots of condensation on surfaces such as glass windows and metal pipes show the house has high moisture levels that can lead to mold formation. Our SERVPRO technicians can help confirm this using equipment such as thermal cameras, moisture meters, and other detection tools.
It is possible to remove mold with a few simple cleanup steps if the growth is only confined to the surface of the affected materials. Our SERVPRO technicians HEPA vacuum the affected area removing any loose fragments. We also damp-wipe the area with professional cleaning agents to remove any remaining debris and kill spores.
Sometimes advanced removal steps might be necessary especially when dealing with severe growth. As the mold searches for organic food materials for growth, its hyphae penetrate deep into affected materials, and if left unchecked they can compromise the structural integrity of such a material. After a thorough assessment, our SERVPRO technicians can opt to remove porous materials in the affected areas. We can also use advanced cleaning methods such as soda blasting which allow us to remove mold debris without damaging the material affected by the infestation.
If you suspect mold infestation, call SERVPRO of Reading to help create a response plan. You can reach us at (610) 779-8189 any time. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Call Our Team When Your Home In Kutztown Experiences A Fire

12/26/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Call Our Team When Your Home In Kutztown Experiences A Fire Smoke removal for your home often extends far beyond contending with the odor this effect can leave behind.

Smoke Odor And Residue Removal In Fire-Damaged Kutztown Homes

Disasters that affect your Kutztown home do not leave singular effects for a homeowner to face. Situations like a fire can spread quickly throughout the property and affect many areas and materials simultaneously. While structural concerns are a priority once our technicians get called out to the scene of a recently extinguished fire, there are other health hazards and focal points that must also get addressed like the effects from the smoke.

When smoke damages your Kutztown home many homeowners tend to picture the billowy cloud that can leave a distinguishable odor behind throughout their property. In truth, smoke damages can do much more than leaving a harsh smell throughout your home, and knowing how to address all of the effects from the presence of smoke is one of the training elements to our SERVPRO restoration certifications from the IICRC.

Even if your home was never on fire, a neighboring property could allow your home to get overrun with the effects from the smoke as the structure fire rages next door. Depending on the heat from that fire and the materials burning, smoke damage can occur in different ways. Dry smoke occurs in oxygen-rich environments which leaves a dusting and light sediment on surfaces that often leads to easier cleaning for our professionals on site.

Wet smoke, on the other hand, is the opposite and can leave a thick residue on surfaces which is a challenge for our SERVPRO team to overcome. Since this smoke is thicker, the smell can become stronger, and it has more of an opportunity to exploit cracks and seep into materials. The technicians contending with this variety of smoke damage often determine that removing the material entirely and reinstalling new components is more cost-effective and faster for the customer than attempting to salvage the damaged area.

Smoke removal for your home often extends far beyond contending with the odor this effect can leave behind. Give our SERVPRO of Reading fire restoration team a call whenever disaster strikes at (610) 779-8189.

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Some of the Biggest Problems With Flooding in Your Reading Home

12/23/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Some of the Biggest Problems With Flooding in Your Reading Home When a pipe break in your laundry room floods your home, time is of the essence. Contact SERVPRO for effective water removal services.

What to Expect When SERVPRO Takes on Your Reading Flood Damage Project

Flooding can invade your Reading home from weather-related disasters or an outside crisis like the break of a water main. The breakdown of water-using appliances like a water heater, dishwasher, or laundry equipment can fill the lower levels of your home with gallons of water. Some of the water that floods in comes with a complement of hazards and contaminants from flowing overland or backed up sewage. Even clean water turns foul after just a day or two.

Using our professional flood damage crews for your Reading water emergency makes sense for so many reasons. Our familiar green service trucks arrive with all the pumping and extracting equipment onboard, ready to begin the work planned on-site after assessment by our crew chief. Even if the flooding results in a temporary loss of power, our truck-mounted water removal tools get to work using generators also on board. We pump water more than two inches deep and then move to the wanded water extractors to pull moisture off floors, out of carpeting, and from hidden recesses behind walls and in other cavities.

SERVPRO uses sophisticated moisture meters and scanning devices to establish how much flood water remains in structural components. This helps establish the drying goals we need to meet to ensure the flooded areas are not at risk of secondary damage such as mold damage or continuing deterioration. We set up air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to pull moisture from the building materials, continuously monitoring until levels are normal. Our crews might recommend moving personal possessions before or during water removal and drying to evaluate what we can save and what would be best discarded.

Flood waters are typically considered gray or black, levels of contamination the might require special handling according to local regulations. SERVPRO keeps current with the disposal requirements of the communities we serve. The care we take containing dirty water protects your family, your possessions, and the structure of your home. To be certain that your living space is sanitized and safe after we remove flood water potentially containing pathogens we apply EPA-registered disinfectants to affected surfaces.

SERVPRO of Reading has the skilled technicians and commercial-quality equipment to handle flood damage in your neighborhood. Call (610) 779-8189 to set up an assessment that will solve your flood water woes.

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Why Understanding the Fire Damage Type Leads to Better Remediation in Your Exeter Home

12/23/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Why Understanding the Fire Damage Type Leads to Better Remediation in Your Exeter Home When fire damage stems from an electrical source, a different kind of soot results rather than from another type of fire. Contact SERVPRO to assess.

Matching Products and Techniques -- Why SERVPRO Delivers High-Quality Fire Debris Cleanup in Exeter

The kind of debris a fire leaves in your Exeter home relates to the types of fuel burned and the temperature of the fire. Paper and wood burn high and hot, leaving behind loose ash. Electrical fires and slow, smoldering burns with fabrics as the fuel leave a thick and sticky coating. Fires starting in the kitchen are often grease and protein related, leaving a thin and hard to remove layer on surfaces, and a particularly unpleasant odor.

With the types of fire debris possible after household fires in Exeter covering a broad range, a one-size-fits-all approach to clean up is unreasonable and ineffective. As a fire moves its way through the spaces of a home a variety of articles are likely to provide fuel for the flames. This means that when our team arrives to assess the fire damage scenario and to plan for fire debris remediation, we must pair up the types of soot and charred items with the cleaners and tools we have available, expecting variation space by space.

Fire debris restoration is one of the main reasons why SERVPRO exists as a disaster recovery business. Our technicians pursue certification as fire and smoke specialists from the IICRC, learning how to identify the different kinds of soot and other fire debris and to pair the damage and residues with effective cleaning and clearing options.

Light soiling responds well to dry sponging and vacuuming. SERVPRO prevents spread of fire residues by using equipment fitted with HEPA filters. We use a foam cleaner on fabrics with ashy residues, the tiny bubbles lifting and containing the tiny, dry particles.

Thicker, sticky fire residues need a cleaning product with wetting agents and surfactants to break up the coating for wiping off. When the residues are particularly hard to dislodge SERVPRO crew members use agitation or abrasive tools to remove the coating. The thin, shellac-like coating left after kitchen fires often needs a solvent and both agitation and an abrasive sponge or cloth to remove.  

Charred building materials and furnishings are another type of fire debris SERVPRO manages. Our crews train to clear your property of this potentially toxic debris safely, bagging what cannot be restored and disposing of the materials as directed by local regulation.

SERVPRO of Reading helps residents in our communities with the difficult job of clearing debris and residues from fire damaged properties. As soon as the firefighters release your home call us at (610) 779-8189 for an assessment of the fire debris cleanup needed.

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Reading Property Owners Get Swift Help from SERVPRO after a Water Loss

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Reading Property Owners Get Swift Help from SERVPRO after a Water Loss Water Loss from a Burst Pipe in Your Reading Home? Just Call SERVPRO for Fast Cleanup and Drying

Water Damage in Your Reading Home While You Are Away

Many Reading homeowners travel throughout the year to visit with family and friends or for business reasons. While you work to protect your home from anything that could potentially occur while you are gone, you cannot always account for every potential emergency. As unfortunate as it might be, many homeowners return to their property to find widespread damages from a water leak. Given that this situation persisted for days or even weeks without restoration and mitigation work, overcoming the effects can prove too challenging for the homeowner alone.

While it might come as a shock to find your Reading home water damaged upon your return, you must focus now on the steps necessary to restore it entirely. Our SERVPRO rapid response team can help. With effective mitigation strategies to preserve the contents of the property still at risk and premier cleaning tactics to return elements like wood flooring and carpeting to their original condition whenever possible we have the expertise and equipment to make a difference fast.

Following a situation like a persistent leak or a line break, many contents of your home become directly at risk of hazards like mold and microbial growth, oversaturation, and warping/distorting. These conditions can also develop over time. Our experienced IICRC certified SERVPRO technicians can remove the at-risk contents from your home to prevent them from becoming irreparably damaged by oversaturation or fungal growth. Once restoration work completes in your home, these items can get returned to their original positions.

A common effect of a property that has remained water damaged for several days is a persistent odor. While our team works quickly to dry up dampness and moisture throughout the property, it is tools like our thermal foggers that play a significant role in removing the stale scent or musty odor from the property permanently.

Returning to your property to find water damage can be overwhelming for a homeowner. You can always depend on our SERVPRO of Reading to show up quickly with our highly trained technicians and leading equipment to restore your property.  Give us a call anytime you need us at (610) 779-8189.

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4 Water Damage Issues After a Fire

11/21/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO 4 Water Damage Issues After a Fire Fire damage to building in Kutztown,PA

Dealing With the Aftermath of Fire Damage

Experiencing a fire in your business is bad enough, but you also have to deal with the aftermath. Embarking on a complete fire cleanup mission includes water cleanup. When the Kutztown,PA, firefighters work hard to stop the fire from causing more damage, they use a lot of water. This water saturates everything and can seep into hidden areas within the building. During cleanup, you want to look out for four main types of water damage.

1. Mold Growth

Mold loves wet conditions. Excess water sitting around and seeping into porous surfaces makes an ideal location for mold to begin to grow. You can have a problem in as little as two days.

2. Rust

Water also is not a friend to metal. If exposed for too long, metal eventually rusts. While this may take some time, there is often hidden water lurking in areas near pipes that may lead to future issues. Quick and thorough water cleanup can help mitigate the problem.

3. Warping and Rotting

Wood is especially susceptible to water. Not only will it absorb the water but also it reacts to it. Wood will change shape due to swelling. This may cause it to warp. If water remains in the wood for too long, it rots.

4. Short Circuits

Electronics may be the hardest hit by water. If electronics survived the fire, the water can take them out easily by getting into the inner components and causing them to short circuit.

A Few Tips

You probably will focus first on smoke cleanup since it is most obvious due to the smell. As you are ventilating and working on getting rid of the lingering smoke, you can also look out for water damage since it may be found in similar areas that experience smoke damage.

Water cleanup is not an easy task, and it can be tough to find every affected area. It is highly recommended that you seek the help of a professional emergency restoration service to help ensure all the water is actually gone from your building so you can return your business back to its former condition.