Recent Before & After Photos

Water Heater Malfunction Fire

Douglassville, PA Fire DamageWhen a fire breaks out in your home it does not always have to be in the kitchen. This water heater had malfunctioned causing the h... READ MORE

Basement Mold and Water Damage

There will always be mold in a home.It is part of nature and it is part of our homes. When it became a problem is when it goes from a spore to visible mold grow... READ MORE

Roof Tarp Mitigation

What should you do after a fire?Mitigation is the key to any damage done to your home. Making sure that there isn't any more damage done to your home is exactly... READ MORE

Expectations After Storm Flooding

Damage to Building in Hamburg, PAFlooding in a building causes problems for both the owners and the clients. Here are some things you can do to speed up the sto... READ MORE

Black Mold Found in Reading, PA

Black Mold Growth Found in BathroomWhenever there is a water damage there is a chance that mold will begin to grow. There are three things that mold needs in or... READ MORE

Open Ceiling in Reading, PA

A storm can be devastating for homes in the Reading, PA area. A storm can cause a lot of damage to roofs, windows, and even inside your home. A roof leak, if le... READ MORE

Using The Right Equipment On Mold Job

When you have a mold problem and call us to help, upon arrival we will have multiple types of equipment with us. Because mold thrives on moisture, we will ... READ MORE

Cleaning Up After Fire Damage

After a fire has impacted your home or business, you will find that you have several things to deal with. Among them, you may find that you have soot, debris, a... READ MORE

Board Up After Fire

When you have a fire at your home or business, it can leave openings for the elements, animals, and unfortunately, looters as well. The first priority needs to ... READ MORE

When You Have Fire Damage

SERVPRO of Reading was contacted to handle the cleanup of this structure after a large fire did the damage you see here. Fires can be absolutely devastatin... READ MORE